The LJUNGSTRM Division serves with its products the thermal power plant market with two key applications: Air preheaters and gas-gas heaters, based on a similar technology platform of rotary regenerative heat exchangers. ARVOS Group is the owner of the Ljungstrm® technology and brand with its pedigree dating back to the 1920’s, when the first efficient air preheater was invented in Sweden by Frederick Ljungstrm.

With a market share of about 55 per cent ARVOS Group is the global leader in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of Ljungstrm® air preheaters. In addition, an approximate 20 per cent of the global market uses equipment supplied by our current or former Ljungstrm® licensees. Together, this results in more than 15,000 Ljungstrm® air preheaters supplied globally, making it the most widely used brand of rotary regenerative heater in the industry.

The Group combines local presence with global knowledge and resources to deliver the technology and services which meet the demanding expectations of our customers around the world.

Benefit from:

  • Extensive experience and global resources

  • Continued focus on product R&D

  • Highest efficiency and performance products

    Employees: Approx. 1,100
    Headquarters: Wellsville, New York, USA
    Locations: Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Japan, USA


    LJUNGSTRM Division向火力电厂提供两种主要产品:基于回转式热交换技术的空气预热器和烟气换热器。20世纪20年代,世界上第一台空气预热器在瑞典问世,发明人Frederick Ljungstrm,傲华集团是Ljungstrm®技术和品牌持有者。









    The RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW Division is a leader in the design, manufacturer and construction of size reduction, classification and thermal processing equipment for over 125 years. With a versatile portfolio of products, has thousands of references globally and has maintained its position as a leading supplier worldwide.

    As an industry trailblazer, the Raymond® brand is highly regarded as the global expert and leader in the development of size reduction and air classification technologies. Raymond equipment and systems are known for their quality and performance ability, and have set the standard in size reduction.

Bartlett-Snow thermal processing equipment has a long history of providing solutions for heat transfer applications in the chemical, petrochemical, ceramic, magnetic, metals, food, and fertilizer, plastic and industrial solid waste industry worldwide. With over 3,500 installations globally, we are known for our innovative and dependable equipment for the changing needs of these process industries.

RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW Division works with its customers from initial concept and development of the equipment and systems, through pilot plant testing, equipment manufacturing and commissioning, followed by the full capability to provide OEM replacement parts and technical services.

Raymond® & Bartlett-Snow OEM Replacement parts are manufactured according to the original equipment specification. RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW Division maintains a database of the original specification of all equipment sold, by serial number and model resulting in accurate records for every piece of equipment including custom designed variations for specific applications.

RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW Division’s capabilities include the Raymond Bartlett Snow Research & Process Development Center. This modern 25,000 square foot (2,300m2) facility is used exclusively to test and demonstrate the capabilities of Raymond® and Bartlett-Snow equipment under simulated production conditions. It houses a wide range of full-scale  equipment for pulverizing, classifying or thermally processing virtually any mineral, chemical, metal or other material in large material lots which reduces the uncertainty of scale-up between bench and full scale equipment.


RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW事业部专注于粉磨设备的设计、制造、施工、分级以及热处理设备有着125年的专业经验,多样化的产品以及数千个全球业绩使傲华集团一直处于世界领先的供应商地位。

作为行业的开拓者, Raymond®已经成为全球范围内粉磨技术和空气分级技术的专家和领导者。雷蒙品牌设备和系统以其质量和性能闻名于世,并且建立了颗粒研磨粉碎行业标准。


RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW事业部与客户共同专注于设备和系统的初步概念建立以及发展更新,并通过了工厂测试,设备制造和调试,同时全方位提供OEM、零部件更换和技术服务。

Raymond® & Bartlett-Snow OEM 设备更换的零部件按照原始设备说明书制造。RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW 事业部维护着全部销售的原始的设备规格信息库,通过设备序列号和型号精确记录了每一件设备包含常规设计的变化。

RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW Division 包括Raymond Bartlett Snow Research & Process Development Center。这个占地2300m2 的工厂专门用来测试及证实Raymond® and Bartlett-Snow在模拟实际运行环境下的产品性能。它还提供了较大范围内原物尺寸的粉磨、分级或热处理设备用于处理任何矿物、化学原料,金属物料设备,以减少试验与原物尺寸设备之间的不确定影响因素。



SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK a Division of ARVOS Group is a leading designer and fabricator of process heat transfer equipment for the chemical and metallurgical industries.
SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK operates from its main office and workshop in Kassel with a branch office in Düsseldorf, Germany. Affiliated offices are in Wexford/Pittsburgh, USA and Kobe, Japan.
SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is partner to the world leading engineering companies, contractors and operators in chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical industries.
The ARVOS Group stands for providing reliable, technically mature solutions of highest quality like

  • Schmidt'sche® Transfer Line Exchangers

  • Schmidt'sche® Syngas Coolers for gasification processes and partial oxidation

  • Heat Recovery Systems for steam reforming processes (H2, ammonia, methanol), ammonia combustion and ammonia combustion/nitric acid production

  • Schack® High Temperature Products e.g.

  • Schack® Carbon Black Air Preheater

  • Schack® Sewage Sludge Incineration

    Corporate pride lies in the strength of being able to furnish custom made solutions for  process gases at very high temperatures of up to 2,730°F (1.500°C) and high pressures of up to 5,800 psi (400 bar).



    傲华集团SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK事业部,是化工及冶金领域领先的传热设备设计及制造品牌。

    SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK总部位于德国卡塞尔,同时在德国杜塞尔多夫、爱尔兰韦克斯福德、美国匹兹堡以及日本神户分别设有分公司或附属机构。

    SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK一直以来都是化学、石油以及冶金领域世界顶级工程公司的业务及合作伙伴。


    Schmidt'sche® 线型热交换器

    气化及局部氧化Schmidt'sche® 合成气体冷却器


    Schack® 高温产品

    Schack® 碳处理空气预热器

    Schack® 污泥焚烧

    SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK能够在经过加工的气体达到1500°C高温以及400 bar 以下为客户定制解决方案。

职位名称 工作年限 招聘人数 工作地区 申请
Instrument and Control Engineer仪控工程师合肥 4-10 年 1 安徽-合肥市 申请
QA Engineer 质保工程师 3年以上 1 安徽-合肥市 申请
After-Sales Service Manager 8-15 年 1 安徽-合肥市 申请
Detailed Design Engineer 详图设计工程师(3D) 3年以上 1 安徽-合肥市 申请
Field Service Engineer 区域服务工程师 2年以上 2 安徽-合肥市 申请
Site Service Technicain 现场服务技术员 不限 若干 安徽-合肥市 申请
Regional Sales Engineer 区域销售工程师(合肥) 4年以上 1 安徽-合肥市 申请
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